Also, there are performances with Mahsa Vahdat, Solveig Slettahjell, and Kristin Asbjørnsen; and there are choir projects in Leipzig, Dresden, Haugesund, and concert with Ulrich Drechsler in Vienna.


Extensive touring with the new project featuring Simin Tander (vocals), Jarle Vespestad (drums), Daniel Mikael Wold (sound design), and Tord (piano/electronics). Album entitled 'What Was Said' (ECM 2465 CD / 2 LP) out Jan 2016.

Touring partly supported by Norsk Kulturråd, Fond for utøvende kunstnere, Music Norway, and Fond for lyd og bilde.


Our history - Live 2015...

Our history - Live 2014...

2014 saw a new album release in January -- and touring in Germany, USA, Norway, France, Canada, Korea, Turkey, Romania, Poland throughout the year..

Tord Gustavsen Quartet's 2014 touring is partly supported by Norsk Kulturråd / Arts Council of Norway, Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere and Music Norway.

Additional 2014 info:

Tord Gustavsen also performs with singer Solveig Slettahjell with the program "Arven". Some of these concerts also include Nils Økland on fiddle/violin and Sjur Miljeteig on trumpet. Concerts in Norway only:
  April 4: Moss (Arena)
  April 9: Biri (Biri kirke)
  April 13: Voss (Vossajazz Festival)
  June 21: Harstad (Festspillene i Nord-Norge)
  July 17: Molde (Molde International Jazz Festival)
  August 9: Hvaler kirke
  August 23: Austevoll kirke
  October 21: Sandefjord kirke
  October 24: Kongsberg kirke
  November 2: Spjelkavik kirke
  November 20: Modum Bad
  December 8: Oslo (Kulturkirken Jakob) - Natt i Betlehem

Tord Gustavsen also performs with singers Mahsa Vahdat and Sarah Riedel, pluss Georg Riedel and other musicians from Sweden and Iran in a special project April 2014 - five concerts in Sweden, plus one in Oslo. More info:
  April 23: Uppsala
  April 24: Umeå
  April 25: Stockholm
  April 26: Malmö
  April 27: Göteborg
  April 28: Oslo


Our history - Live 2013...

Additional 2013 info: Tord Gustavsen also performed with singer Solveig Slettahjell October/November 2013 following the release of her new album. Concerts in Norway only:
  Oct 27: Trondheim (Vår Frues Kirke)
  Oct 28: Oslo (Kulturkirken Jakob)
  Nov 1: Stavanger
  Nov 2: Bergen
  Nov 23: Vågsbygd
  Nov 24: Risør

Our history - Live 2012 

Tord Gustavsen Ensemble's touring in France, Germany, Norway and the UK 2012 is supported by Norsk Kulturråd / Arts Council of Norway.


Our history - Live 2011...

2012 will bring about a new album release and tours in the UK, Germany, Norway and elsewhere.


Our history - Live 2010...



Our history - Live 2009...

Spring 2009 will bring paternity leave and no touring!

Spring 2010 will see release touring and projects in Germany, Norway, Portugal, USA and more..


Our history - Live 2008...

Tord Gustavsen Ensemble in different formats:


Our history - Live 2007...


Our history - Live 2006...

Our history - Live 2005...


Our history - Live 2004...


Our history - Live 2003...