The Music

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In 2003 I released the first trio CD under my own name, "Changing Places", on ECM Records. A second trio CD came in 2005, called "The Ground"; and in 2007 the trilogy was completed with the release of "Being There". 2009 saw the launch of a new ensemble, with the album release "Restored, Returned" including saxophone and vocals. This project was carried further into a quartet which is currently my main touring ensemble, although I also do trio, quintet and duo concerts. The quartet released an album called "The Well" in 2012.

Now, for some background on what has lead up to the present situation:

Educated from the well-known Jazz Department of the Conservatory of music in Trondheim, Norway (cf. Biography), I have been a professional jazz pianist for some years now; in a number of different projects. This includes duos with singers Siri Gjære (aire & angels) and Kristin Asbjørnsen (Asbjørnsen/Gustavsen Duo); trios with Jarle Vespestad/Harald Johnsen, Odd Magne Gridset/Magnus Forsberg, and Eirik Hegdal/Magnus Forsberg (Ratatosk); a project with vocalist Silje Nergaard; the creative neo-New Orleans Nymark Collective with trumpeter Kåre Nymark, bass player Mats Eilertsen and drummer Kenneth Ekornes; and a duo with clarinetist Simon Flem Devold. I also play with clarinetist Carl Petter Opsahl, and with singer Solveig Slettahjell. The bands are presented in depth on separate pages (cf. the links above). You can also read more about my playing and my albums in the Biography section.

Taken together, the bands and projects represent my quest for a deepening of my own playing. My 'own' projects - the trio, ensemble and quartet - are presented in depth on the more current web site